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Micayla & Hailey Hit the Vast and Flowy Trails of Kamloops

Posted on May 07, 2021 by Hailey ELise

Words by Hailey Elise / Photos and video by Ollie Jones

Micayla Gatto and Hailey Elise call the Sea to Sky region home and have Vancouver, Whistler, Pemberton, and Squamish trails at their fingers tips. No strangers to lush coastal forests, loam, and rocky terrain, this summer, they looked north for something different. They headed out on a road trip to explore areas in the Cariboo and Thompson regions: Williams Lake and Kamloops. Known for terrain shaped by the interior weather, history rich in gold, and more recently, abundant trail networks, there's no shortage of adventure. From farmer's markets to breweries, to unreal riding, saddle up and then giddy up, the girls are on the road. Second stop: Kamloops!

After a quick paddle board on Paul Lake, it's time to hit the Harper Mountain trails.

Can't visit Kamloops without saying hello at the Bicycle Cafe.

Onto the Kamloops Bike Ranch. With a little bit of everything from XC to big hits, there's something for everyone.

The dreamy Kamloops landscape and views of the city can all be taken in on a climb.

Sunset at the Ranch.

Breweries galore. Kamloops isn't short of rad little places to enjoy a post-ride beer.

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