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3 mountain bikers with a sunset on Vancouver Island
Photo by Zoya Lynch

The Back Forty - A Bike Trip on Vancouver Island

Posted on Jul 20, 2022 by Casey Brown / video by William Binamé & Jonathan Ferguson / photos by Zoya Lynch

For the second year in a row, our untamable group of dirt shredding ladies heads back out on the road to discover another piece of the beautiful province that is British Columbia. This time they leave the mainland behind and head out to sea to explore Vancouver Island, where word of ribboning trails with ocean views fill their dreams. Follow Casey Brown, Micayla Gatto, and Georgia Astle, as they embark on a two week trip to find out if this island in the pacific ocean can provide all the surfable dirt they could ever hope for.

If you've ever had the chance to take the early morning ferry over to Vancouver Island, you know that it always means the start of a wicked day.

Vancouver Island is one of those places that seems really far away for most people in interior BC, it’s actually really close for how exotic it feels and it has some of the best riding in the province. We all had such a memorable time cruising from town to town, checking out the coffee scene, getting beta on the local trails, and scoping the beaches or surf. Everybody we met was so friendly and helpful, the food and culture were also worth writing home about! We will be back for more soon.—Casey Brown

The highway sign was pointing us in all the right directions.

Some very tasty roadside distractions...

While most of the province was under a blanket of fire smoke, the island remained clear skies, but the dirt was the driest any of the girls had ever seen on the island.

The girls getting all types of air time.

Would be rude not to indulge in a world-famous Nanaimo bar... in Nanaimo.

One rule; must goof before filming.

Campbell River providing the seafood goods.

After two weeks of riding, driving, laughing, and watching some of the most beautiful sunsets around, it was time to say "till next time" to the beloved Vancouver Island.

Mountain Biking BC would like to thank Casey Brown, Georgia Astle, and Micayla Gatto and the crew for sharing their adventures on Vancouver Island.

Also special thanks to...
Tourism Cowichan (Duncan)
Tourism Nanaimo
The Village of Cumberland and Experience Comox Valley
Mount Washington Resort
Destination Campbell River